Checking Blood Sugar Level At Home

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Regular blood sugar checks, especially for diabetics, can help assess how successful the treatment plan is, knowing whether diet and exercise have affected blood sugar levels, understanding whether other factors, such as illness or stress, affect blood sugar levels. In addition, it is also to monitor the effects of changes in blood sugar levels of diabetes drugs that have been consumed and identify blood sugar levels are too high or low.

Blood sugar checks can be done alone at home. However, it should be remembered to get accurate results, need to do the right procedure. Independent blood sugar examination consists of three stages. First, the preparatory or pre-analytic stage of how to use alcohol swab and blood sampling. Then the analytic stage is how the patient uses a strip that is attached to the glucometer and then the glucometer works. Third, the post-analytic stage is how the patient read the results of the examination.

In general, the frequency of checking depends on the type of diabetes you have and the treatment plan to be performed.

In Type 1 Diabetes, the doctor may recommend checking your blood sugar levels 4-8 times a day. Examination can be done before eating snacks that are thought to contain high sugar, before and after exercise, before bedtime, and sometimes at night. Check your blood sugar levels more often if you’re sick, change your daily routine, or start a new treatment.

To check blood sugar levels after eating, the time rule that can be used ie 2 hours after eating. This is because within 120 minutes, the process of food absorption has decreased and is almost complete. Blood glucose examination 2 hours after eating aims to see the effects of drugs on food given. Then if the time passes two hours then blood sugar levels are no longer affected by food.

While in Type 2 Diabetes, the doctor will recommend blood sugar levels twice or more in a day, depending on the type and amount of insulin needed. Tests are usually recommended before meals, and sometimes before bedtime. If people with type 2 diabetes manage their illness with non insulin drugs or with diet and exercise alone, it is not necessary to test blood sugar levels daily.

The importance of this examination makes diabetics have their own test kits at home. To check blood glucose levels at home, reliable measuring devices are needed. Choose your blood sugar measuring device is equipped with the latest patented technology that provides accurate results of blood tests.

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