Diabetic Macular Edema, Common Comorbidities In Diabetics

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Diabetic macular edema is a serious complication of diabetes. This complication begins with the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy, the disorder of the retina of the eye. High blood sugar levels in diabetic patients can cause blood vessels in the retina to become problematic, such as leaking, blockage, until the emergence of new blood vessels.

When exposed to diabetic retinopathy, it usually does not feel any symptoms. Signs of vision problems begin to appear if they have damaged the macula. There are at least four signs that appear when experiencing diabetic macular edema. First, decreased visual acuity or lack of focus. Second, the ability to see the color so changed or blurred due to reduced sensitivity. Third, dark patches appear irregular which would be very disturbing if the spots are in the middle eyes. And fourth, the appearance of straight lines appear bent or curved.

In diabetetic macular edema, the retinal blood vessels have small leaks that can cause blood, fluid and fat to be found in the retina. This causes swelling of the retina, which then interferes with vision.

Diabetic macular edema will disturb the patient in performing daily activities. Even serious effects can occur in the form of blindness or loss of division.

There are various methods of treatment of macular edema like focus laser surgery, surgical laser, intraocular steroid injection, and vitrectomy. But until now medical science has not been able to improve normal vision as before. Treatment only prevents it from becoming more severe and improves a bit of vision problems in the eyes.

To reduce the risk of this disease getting worse, should always keep blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. Visiting physicians regularly and taking regularly prescribed diabetes medications. In addition, do a balanced diet and exercise daily to maintain weight. Next is to stop smoking and never ignore the symptoms mentioned above.

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