Easy and Safe Diet for Diabetics

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Diabetics should run a healthy lifestyle so that blood sugar levels can be controlled as well as prevent further complications. People who are diagnosed or at risk of diabetes can still live normally as long as they live a proper lifestyle on a regular basis. One of them is by consuming high fiber foods and complex carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates can have a major impact on people with diabetes, but it does not mean that they should avoid all carbohydrate-based foods but are smarter in choosing what type of carbohydrates they will eat.

Consuming complex carbohydrates as well as high-fiber foods is recommended, because these two substances will long be processed in the digestion while maintaining the stability of blood sugar.

Complex carbohydrates are also a source of energy for the body so that hunger can come longer. Consider the limits in consuming pasta, rice, foods containing excess sugar, alcohol, soda, and snacks. Food and drink is better replaced with wheat-containing foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, and cereals are very high in fiber content and have high nutritional value.

In addition to carbohydrates, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is one powerful diet. Why? In fresh fruits and vegetables there are good nutrients needed by diabetics. Type of vegetables needed by diabetics such as spinach and broccoli. As for the fruits that are recommended for diabetics are peaches, apples, berries, tomatoes, pears, and noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) are very well consumed directly or used as juice without added sugar. Noni fruit is even proven to have prorxeronine content that can improve liver or pancreas function in producing insulin.

Other diets are more observant in choosing sweet foods. It does not mean avoiding the use of whole sugars, but to be noticed is to eat with a portion of adequate and not excessive. What is meant by careful with a sweet intake is to consume sweet foods or drinks at meal time as dessert and then no longer consume snacks or snacks outside of the meal.

In addition, reduce the portion of the main meal if afterwards want to eat a sweet dessert, because the sweet intake to be consumed afterwards also contains a high carbohydrate.

In order for sugar levels can always be in a stable state, then be sure to limit the calories consumed every day at every meal. This would be better than eating a full-calorie meal at one meal and then not eating for one day.

Try to always eat regularly by eating small portions is a other way of dieting for people with diabetes. Eat regularly will make the body does not feel hungry so that the portion of food during meal hours remain normal and not increased.

For diabetic who have a higher heart risk should make wise consideration when choosing what fat will be consumed. Good fats are unsaturated fats that you can find in fish and plants such as beans, avocados, soy milk and olive oil as well. Omega 3 fatty acids are also highly recommended so that the metabolism of the body, heart and brain will always be maintained. For a good source of omega 3 fatty acids for diabetics can be found in sunflower seeds, tuna and salmon.

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