Good Exercises for Diabetics

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If you are now in a situation of fighting diabetes or are experiencing early signs of diabetes, you certainly need to exercise regularly. It is clear that physical activity is the best way to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits.

Sport for diabetes has many types, such as swimming, hiking, yoga, and strength training. The combination of aerobic exercise, weight training and flexibility is also recommended exercise for diabetics. They are recommended for diabetics because it carries some health benefits, one of which is increasing sensitivity to insulin. If you have diabetes, do not be afraid to exercise, because that is the best way to stay healthy.

Exercise can maintain fitness and body health for anyone, including diabetics. This activity helps diabetics to lose weight or keep their weight. Therefore, people who have type 2 diabetes are at risk of obesity. In addition, while exercising, the body needs extra energy. This causes the muscles in the body to absorb glucose that helps lower blood sugar levels.

Before starting the exercise, the patient should consult a doctor first. This will facilitate the patient to choose the sport according to the conditions. In addition, doctors will also assist patients in making sporting time planning, whether it’s the duration of exercise, the type of exercise that is done, or the rest session of each exercise.

Do not forget to always check blood sugar, before and after exercise. Then, do a five-minute warm-up and cooling exercise. The best time to exercise is about 1 hour after eating, when blood sugar is slightly higher. Prepare drinking water to keep the body hydrated, consumption of prescribed medicines, and do not forget to always provide snack foods as recommended by the doctor. Before starting the exercise, drink water first. Do not forget also to drink water during exercise, especially when already doing aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes.

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