Let’s Get to Know Diabetes – Type and Symptoms of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease in which the body can not produce insulin (blood-regulating hormone) or inadequately produced insulin or insulin can not work properly.

There are two types of diabetes, that is:

1. Diabetes type 1
A state of the body in which the body can not produce the hormone insulin. So the patient must use insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Some of the suffers are children and adults.

2. Diabetes type 2
Occurs because the body does not produce hormone insulin or because insulin can not be used properly (insulin resistance). This type is most current(go or more) often occurs in those over 40 years old, obese and have history of diabetes in the family.

The symptoms that indicate a person suffering from diabetes:
1. Thirsty and plenty to drink.
2. Hungry and plenty to eat.
3. Frequent urination.
4. Weight loss.
5. Blurry eyes.
6. Long wounds healed.
7. Easy infection of the skin(itching), urinary tract and gum.
8. Pain or numbness in the hands and feet.
9. The body feels weak.
10. Easily to drowsy.

Who can suffer from Diabetes?

Diabetes can happen to everyone. But for those who have a family history of diabetes, it is more likely to suffer from Diabetes. Besides to family history, other risk factors are those who have excess body weight(fat), high cholesterol(poor diet), hypertension and less physical activity. Those over the age of 40 accompanied by obesity will further increase the risk for diabetes.

Diagnosis Diabetes obtained when found the results of the examination as follows:

1. Fasting blood sugar is greater than or equal to 126 mg/dl.
2. Blood sugar when greater or equal to 200 mg/dl.
3. Blood sugar 2 hours after administration of 75 g glucose solution(on oral glucose tolerance test) give results greater than or equal to 200 mg/dl.

What is Pre Diabetes?

Pre Diabetes is a condition where blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be included in the diabetes category.
Those who fall into the category of Pre Diabetes are at high risk for Diabetes Type 2 later in life unless they have a healthy lifestyle with excessive weight loss and active exercise.
Some one is included in the category Pre Diabetes when fasting blood sugar ranges from 100-125 mg/dl. Blood sugar 2 hours after administration of 75 g glucose solution(on oral glucose tolerance test) ranged from 140-199 mg/dl.

What is the target of blood sugar to be achieved by people with Diabetes?

1. Blood sugar before meals: 90-130 mg/dl.
2. Blood sugar 2 hours after meals: under 160 mg/dl.
3. Blood sugar before bed: 110-150 mg/dl.

Can Diabetes Be Treated?

Until now has found a drug that can cure Diabetes. But by losing exercising regularly, can make blood sugar back to normal. But this does not mean he has recovered from Diabetes. Because if the patient returns fat, poor diet and does not exercise, then the blood sugar will increase again. So diabetes can not heal, but blood sugar can be controlled with in normal limits.

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