Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

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For diabetics, avoiding white sugar and sugary foods is the right thing to do. White sugar is one of the enemies of diabetics. But what about brown sugar, honey, and other artificial sweeteners? Can they be a sugar alternative for diabetics?

There is the thought that diabetics should only avoid white sugar alone and it’s okay to replace it with palm sugar, honey, or other artificial sweeteners as a sweetener in beverages and cooking.

Eating foods or drinks that contain white sugar will only make blood sugar levels in the body increases quickly and eventually will experience hyperglycemia.

However, in fact it is also less precise when eating foods and drinks that use palm sugar or honey in addition. All of these natural sweeteners contain glucose, which is a simple carbohydrate type that makes it taste sweet and certainly can increase blood sugar levels in an instant.

In addition to containing glucose that can make blood sugar levels soaring, the average natural sweetener such as honey and palm sugar has the same calories as regular white sugar. Meanwhile, diabetics should also control their weight remains normal to prevent various complications.

The type of sugar that is good for diabetics is low-calorie sugar and does not contain glucose. Low-calorie sugar is safe to eat because it has a sweet taste but does not raise sugar levels in the blood. Several types of sugar or sweetener alternative that safe to consume for diabetics such as sucralose, acesulfame-K, aspartame, and stevia. Usually, these artificial sweeteners have a sweetness many times more than a natural sweetener, so do not add too much to beverages or food.

Although it has been considered safe for consumption by diabetics, you should be careful because in some studies, some artificial sweeteners are proven to make blood sugar levels rise and increase the risk of obesity when consumed constantly.

You can choose those that do not contain glucose, but other types of carbohydrates that tend to be safer, like fructose. Fructose can be found in various types of fruits and is safe for blood sugar levels. Therefore you are still allowed to eat fruit, right?

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