Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational diabetes is a developing diabetes during pregnancy. Like other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes affects how your cells use sugar (glucose). Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar that can affect your baby’s pregnancy and health.

At the time of pregnancy needs to be considered about food intake so as not to experience gestational diabetes. By experiencing gestational diabetes, it is very risky for both mother and baby like babies can be born with excessive weight, premature baby, and if the baby is born early then the baby can suffer from respiratory syndrome. Others are hypoglycemia in infants, he baby can grow into a child with type 2 diabetes, and when a baby is born with a mother’s condition like that and does not get proper treatment then it can cause the baby to die.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Actually for some pregnant women then this condition looks very sudden without showing any symptoms. But for some other pregnant women can also experience symptoms related conditions such as:

1. Pregnant women feel thirsty fast. It is quite natural for pregnant women because pregnant women need higher fluids. But pregnant women are exposed to diabetes then excessive thirst can even occur throughout the day so it can interfere with night time sleep.

2. Pregnant women will urinate more often. Because of the position and growth of the baby then the mother’s bladder is depressed by the fetus so that the mother will urinate more often. But when the mother is exposed to diabetes then it can cause urinating much more often.

3. Pregnant women get tired quickly. Pregnant women do experience hormonal changes in the body so that more quickly tired. But when the mother is exposed to diabetes it can cause the mother more tired.

4. Pregnant women often nauseated but not for cravings. Because pregnant women feel very nauseous when they enter pregnancy 20 weeks then this is a strange sign. Mothers should immediately check the condition of pregnancy because nausea is bad for babies and mothers.

5. Pregnant women experience vision problems that can cause the eyes of pregnant women to be blurred. This condition can occur because the mother has experienced eye problems before and get worse. A suspicious sign is when the eye problem occurs more severely at the end of pregnancy.

6. In the examination of sugar levels, the blood sugar level of pregnant women is very high and not normal. Therefore, this check should be done in order to know the condition of maternal pregnancy.

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